My aggressive multiple myeloma cancer was discovered while I was in Africa looking at sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, just three months after returning from the United States with a perfect bill of health. The morning of my evacuation to Johns Hopkins for treatment, I fell in a Nigerian hospital, fractured my spine at a tumor, and was paralyzed.

This book tells my story from my first cancer symptoms, my evacuation from Nigeria via London, a fractured spine and paralysis, subsequent development of seven potentially fatal complications, treatment with cutting edge immunotherapy and stem cell transplant, and then remission and recovery.

The story presents all the interesting dynamics during my deadly illnesses, family cohesion and conflict, my daughter’s wedding, caregivers, religion, science, and exemplary medical institutions.

It was a dark time, but I was determined to walk my only daughter down the aisle and resolute my mother would never see my grave. In these, I found strength and was healed by an incredible team of American immigrant professionals. The best specialists thought I’d never walk again, but within four months, I was back on my feet and determined to restart work on African development.

My neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel Sciubba, said I am blessed. My parish pastor, Father Joe Rogers, said I am a walking miracle. After reading this dramatic and inspiring odyssey, you may agree with both of them. Everybody was godsent and divine intervention seemed everywhere. I ran the gauntlet to stay alive. I ran OSONDU.

“Osọndu agwụ ike. One never tires of the race for life.”