On March 28, my therapist, Enjeen Woolford, walked into my room with the distinctive air of happiness that followed her. She touched my right foot, and my toes flexed. The rest was magic.

“Hey, your toes are moving!”
“No way, I don’t believe you. That’s only because you moved them.”
“Well, let’s do it again. Watch this.”

She went back to my right foot and touched my toes. “Now, go ahead, and wiggle your toes.”

To my great surprise, I found I could wiggle my right toes. I was so shocked I don’t even remember feeling happy. The news spread quickly. Enjeen was my Mary Magdalene. She discovered and was the first witness to my miracle.

This riveting memoir reads like adventure, drama and fiction because the real events are so unusual and extreme they are almost inconceivable.